C. Frederick Wehba

American Commercial Real Estate Icon and legendary  businessman Fred Wehba and his son Fred Jr. built an empire with hard work and faith in God. Nurturing entrepreneurship and inspiring new generations.

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30 years of Successful Business Worldwide

Investing in multi-tenant properties zoned commercially is the focus of BentleyForbes. Obtaining properties that investors would call trophies due to their name recognition and/or location is a specialty of BentleyForbes.

Wehba Innovation

Wehba investment strategies and the acquisition model. Square footage algorithm v leverage.

Investment Strategy

The pulse of the market is like the second hand on a clock. Keep your eye on the second hand and you lose track of the market completely. Long term is a higher altitude view of the world we work in.

Work Ethic

Early to work and early to win.

Icons in Commercial Real Estate

The recommendations and encouragement from other real estate moguls helped prepare Fred Wehba for taking on property risks. The sheer amount of responsibility of managing these high-end properties dissuades investors who want safety.

Global Leader 20 Years In a Row

Bentley Forbes set the bar in commercial square footage verses leverage to create an unrivaled portfolio which by today’s standards is impressive. Fred raise the bar from there by getting involved in projects for a better America. Fred & Susan Wehba are a blessing to young Entrepreneurs who take the high road to success, using their faith in God to power the journey.


Average profit per year


Average investment

Fred & Susan Wehba with Pat Boone Series

With over 100 thousand combined views, The popular inspirational Pat Boone series featuring Fred and his lovely wife Susan Wehba cover a number of subjects from faith to work ethic, life challenges and how to overcome the obstacles that seem to keep us down in times where it seems there is no answer. God provides.


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Wehba Inspiration

Here are some key concepts to get you started


Wehba Legendary Building & Design

Wehba Team

There are plenty of established property managers to learn from. It is important to learn the terms and jargon of the industry in order to be able to broker amazing contracts.

400k+ Sq ft of Commercial Real Estate

Wehba Values

Focusing on a meaningful life and service with a positive attitude helps the people Mr. Wehba negotiates with feel the excitement of a job well done. Having a fellowship of values-based business leaders to pray with helps as well.